Papers by Partnership Brokers



Stories From The Front Line

Rafal Serafin & Ros Tennyson – Brokering the partnership idea

Yeshe Smith – Agreements that work: co-creating collaborative agreements

Stuart Lister – Aboriginal partnership scoping and awareness raising with the Cree Nation of Mistissini, northern Quebec, Canada, around uranium exploration and development

New Partnership Brokering Tools

Ann Condy – An Adaptation of the PBAS Internal Assessment

Trish Hall – Cafe Conversations in the Partnership Journey: adapating organisational development tools to the partnership process

Julie Mundy – Risky Business: Removing Barriers to Effective Partnerships for Development. Risk Management for the Broker’s Toolbox

Greg Butler – Using a Value Based Leadership Framework to Enhance Partnership Brokering

Key Issues in Brokering Partnerships

Andrew Donnelly – On the Origin of Partnerships: the Modern Darwinist Guide to Brokering

Kate Sullam (nee Bevins) – Making the Private Sector Business Case for Partnerships

Zoe Nowak – Parenting for local development. Clusters as institutionalized partnerships

Maria Bobenrieth – ‘Partnerships’: Strong Language – vernacular or meaning?

Dorine Bosman – Engaging Project Managers in a Multi-Sector Partnership: trends in the extractive industry and how these impact brokering activities

Rafal Serafin – Five Key Things I Have Learned About Partnership Brokering – over 20 years of professional practice in Canada, UK, Poland and other countries of Central and East Europe

Issues For External Partnership Brokers

Ian Dixon – Funding Approaches for External Partnership Brokers

Akachukwu Nwankpo – The Key Challenges of an External Broker in the Partnership Cycle

Parry Agius – Am I a Partnership Broker, and if I am, how would I describe myself?

Bernie Ward – External Brokers and Coaching Tools: understanding and equalising power in partnership relationships