Examples of work completed



supportingIn addition to our well-established training work, PBA is increasing asked to provide other kinds of partnership brokering support. All the projects outlined below started as conversations about what was needed. Many of our services are delivered as part of an on-going collaboration agreement.

Description Details
Action research & case studies
Case studies
Recent and current research
“The PBA case study series is important for three reasons. First, it is as close as we have to a historical record. Second, it enables us to share our emerging experience with others who wish to learn. Third, it unveils what is ordinarily hidden behind organisational boundaries. This series contributes significantly to our legitimacy as a humanitarian system change catalyst.”
Sean Lowrie
Director, Start Network

Advice, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Advice for decision-makers in all sectors on how to embed partnering practices within their organisation
  • Coaching for groups of practitioners undertaking partnership brokering assignments
  • Mentoring arrangements for individuals in senior / strategic partnership brokering roles
Building new initiatives
For example:
“It was a great pleasure and honour to spend the two days with you all and to be part of co-designing this PEP facility. To the initiators, good luck with the next steps. . I’m excited to be involved. Our workgroup is already up and running thanks to PBA.”

Estelle Cloete, WCEDP, South Africa

Reviews & evaluation Completed:

  • Oxfam Jamaica – review of the impact of Oxfam in a partnership brokering role


  • Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy – a 3-year project to support and review the collaboration element of this new initiative
Workshop design & facilitation
  • World Vision (Africa) – 1 day
  • Aids Alliance (UK) – 1 day
  • Start Network Board (UK) – 1-3 days
  • Start team building – 1 day (x5)
  • CDAC Network (Bangladesh) – on going
  • ICIMOD (Nepal) – on-going
  • OXFAM senior team (UK) – 1 day
  • ICVA (Turkey) – needs assessment / workshop & report – 10 days
  • DEPP Talent Dev. Project – 3 days

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