International Training Team



trainingOur growing international team of Authorised Practitioner Trainers is located around the globe


The process of becoming an Authorised Practitioner Trainer is rigorous and we continuously review performance as well as meeting annually to exchange experiences and to review and revise our core training materials.

Some members of our training team are internal partnership brokers with full-time jobs who make themselves available to train at least once a year. The majority are external partnership brokers and are available to undertake PBA training worldwide as needed.

Our training team members are all Accredited Partnership Brokers who have achieved accreditation and are actively engaged in partnering and partnership brokering – so they are able to bring up-to-date and relevant experiences to their training role.

Authorised Practitioner Trainers

Bulbul Baksi (India)
Linda Brett (Canada)
Jocelyne Daw (Canada)
Ian Dixon (Australia)
Marcia Dwonczyk (Australia)
Bas Gadiot (Netherlands)
Trish Hall (New Zealand)
Michelle Halse (UK)
Helga van Kampen (Netherlands)
Krista Kruft (Zambia)
Nicholas Luff (Canada)
Julie Mundy (Australia)
Judith Nichol (UK)
Emily Poupart (UK)
Joanna Pyres (India)
Catherine Russ (UK)
Sbaba Olukayode Soremekun (Nigeria)
Yeshe Smith (Australia)
Leda Stott (Spain)
Ros Tennyson (UK)
Victoria Thom (Australia)
Michelle Yetman (Canada)

Training Resource Practitioners include:

Amponsah Boateng (Ghana)
Rhonda Chapman (Australia)
Michael Collins (South Africa)
Rhee Duthie (New Zealand)
JoAnne Ferguson (Canada)
Kate Hayes (Australia)
Surinder Hundal (UK)
Yanti Koestor (Indonesia)
Tony Lee Luen Len (Mauritius)
Patricia Letitzia (Canada)
Cat Murray (Australia)
Sara Nyanti (Gambia)
Rafal Serafin (Poland)
Basanta Shresta (Nepal)
Bernice Thijm (Netherlands)