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The purpose of the journal is to make a significant contribution to promoting partnership brokering to decision-makers and practitioners in all sectors worldwide. With this in mind, we greatly welcome contributions from practitioners worldwide to advance the knowledge of this growing profession.


Content will cover wide-ranging topics on the theory and practice of partnership brokering, sourced primarily from partnership brokers. It will focus on evidence of the impact of partnership brokering interventions, explore new thinking and developments as well as share stories from the frontline to show brokering in action.

The content may be either newly generated or sourced from updated / edited existing material which will benefit from further and wider exposure. Editorial guidance and support will be provided to assist contributors.

More detailed guidelines on contributions to the journal will be provided to contributors when they submit their abstracts.


Issue Abstract due Final article due Publication date
7: Open issue 30 Sep 2016 31 Oct 2016 Nov 2016



Abstract: 150 words, article: 3000 words.

Author biography: 150 words

Microsoft word. 12 point font, 1.5 spacing.


Essential: author head-shot. Jpeg format. Desirable: photos from the partnership. Jpeg format

Referencing / permission:

Where papers are published for the first time in the public domain or where they contain specific references to partner organisations or individuals, please ensure agreement to publish is in place, including any photographs or other materials generated by the partnership. In some cases, it may be possible to make anonymous references or change details to provide a more general story, and again, this should be agreed with the partners.

Ensure the article is fully referenced for quotes, permissions and reference texts.

The Partnership Brokers Association covers much of its materials under a creative commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA). We welcome the further sharing and usage of material submitted to Betwixt & Between. Following publication in the Betwixt & Between Journal, authors are free to use their original version for their personal use, or to make it available through an institutional repository, either in the original version or in a revised version. On the website we will confirm the license usage, and that if users cite Betwixt & Between as the source reference, then they have to ensure attribution is given to PBA as the publisher.

Contact the Editor, Surinder Hundal, ( if you would like to contribute.