LearningOur learning programme has three aims:

  • To understand the importance of brokering in building innovative, effective and efficient partnerships for sustainable development
  • To build insight and knowledge that will contribute to the promotion of the highest standards in partnership brokering
  • To capture and communicate the day-to-day experiences of partnership brokers in order to inform policy, underpin system change and improve partnering practice

Our Approach

We are committed to a process of continuous enquiry by undertaking action research into the role that partnership brokers are playing in supporting effective, dynamic and impactful collaboration. We see our work in this field as a virtuous circle of proof of concept and continuous improvement in the professional practice of partnership brokering.

All our learning activities involve:

  • Action / practice-based research
  • Being multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder in character
  • Practitioner-generated, developed and delivered learning activities
  • Working closely with our alumni network, partners and those who seek our support
  • Validated by a system of peer review

The Journal of Partnership Brokering: Betwixt & Between

Those operating as partnership brokers have invaluable experiences and insights into the collaborative process and our professional journal provides an opportunity for them to contribute to advancing knowledge in this field Betwixt & Between – the Journal of Partnership Brokering.

You can contribute to the Association’s research in other ways by:

  • Sharing results of your own partnership brokering research
  • Commissioning a case study, review or evaluation of the collaboration aspects of your partnership or of the work of a partnership broker
  • Hosting an event or symposium where partnership brokering experiences of partnering can be explored and shared
  • Contributing to PBA’s Development Fund, to extend the learning generated and the new knowledge disseminated by PBA in order to influence partnership practices and understanding at a greater scale.


Contact: info@partnershipbrokers.org