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Contacting PBA

As a distributed organisation with those involved in the development and delivery of programmes scattered across the globe, we do not have a physical office.

For general enquiries

Please contact us on the email below and your email will be quickly directed to the right person in the team.

We look forward to hearing from you and to engaging you.

The PBA Team:


Leadership Team:

Bulbul Baksi (India)
Julie Mundy (Australia)
Ros Tennyson (UK)


Leda Stott – Project Lead
Marieke de Wal – Research Lead


Rhonda Chapman – Chair: Trainers Community of Practice
Trish Hall – Chair: Mentors Community of Practice
Dianne MacLay – Training Manager
Dolores Puxbaumer – Level 2 Manager


Marcia Dwonczyk – Chair: Associates Community of Practice
Joanna Pyres – Movement-building
Michelle Halse – Almuni networking
Catherine Russ – Curator: Remote Partnering Project
Rafal Serafin – Curator: Working with Donors project


Mike Patterson – Finance & Strategy Advisor
Marieke de Wal – Operations Manager
Marta Serafin – PBA Coordinator
Hilda Paulo – Bookkeeper