About Us


PBA’s mission – to support and strengthen partnerships through innovative and skilled management of collaborative processes – has three drivers:

Learning • Training • Transforming


The Learning portfolio continuously reflects on the ‘how’ of partnering (rather than stopping at the ‘why’ and the ‘what’).

The Training portfolio is constantly adapting with new lessons and insights, and is therefore able to remain relevant and respond to changing needs and priorities.

The Transforming portfolio trials new initiatives that are ‘ahead of the evidence’ so that PBA can continue to fuel the profession’s evolution.

We believe that it is vitally important that we scale-up all three of these elements of our work in order to achieve our vision and goals. To this, end we have established three Funds:

  1. Learning: The Development Fund – to increase knowledge and understanding about what it takes to partner effectively
  2. Training: The Access Fund – to extend access to PBA training and professional development, to build up global skills that underpin and sustain collaboration
  3. Transforming: The Opportunities Fund – for opportunity spotting and generating new approaches, pushing the boundaries that inhibit change

These three Funds will extend the reach of partnership brokering practices further and faster, to individuals/organisations/communities that do not currently have the means to access this knowledge and experience. We would be delighted to have you partner with us in this quest.