About Us


Getting it right

Registered in England and Wales as a non-profit organisation (a company limited by guarantee) means that whilst we are driven by a sense of mission, we operate as a social business. We are an international, distributed organisation – aiming to be highly agile and responsive to changing global partnering needs and to keep our core expenditure to a minimum. Hence no physical office!

A major focus has been to build a ‘fit for purpose’ governance structure for this new entity – we are working with a threefold governance structure which we believe maximises opportunities for engagement with appropriate levels of checks & balance.


PBA has recently moved to having a smaller Board ensuring close attention to PBA’s progress and sustainability, drawing together the widely-spread international and dispersed activities of the organisation and ensuring adherence to UK laws. The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Approval of annual business plan and long-term sustainability strategy
  • Oversight of financial position, business plan delivery and compliance
  • Overview of standards
  • Appointment and oversight of the PBA Strategic Team
Current Board members:

Ken Caplan (Chair) • Ingo Kumic • Michelle Cheah • Kathryn Taetzsch

We would like to acknowledge the important contribution to the development of PBA made by Greg Butler, our founding Board Chair, whose untimely death in January 2015 was a great loss.

Adviser to the Board:

Mike Patterson

PBA’s auditors:

HW Fisher

Communities of Practice

The PBA Communities of Practice draw together those accredited partnership brokers involved in the development and delivery of specific areas of PBA’s work as Associates, Mentors and Trainers. Their Terms of Reference include:

  • Carrying responsibility for shaping, delivering and scrutinising PBA activities
  • Working closely on development with the PBA Strategic Team
  • Ensuring our work and materials remain up-to-date / leading edge as the global partnering environment responds to challenges and changes.