PBA statement on tools to record meetings

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In hosting online meetings, PBA seeks to create safe spaces where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas freely.

To support this, we ask participants to avoid using technology for recording or transcribing meetings, including apps like Otter.ai. This protects the shared environment so that our discussions can help to build stronger and more trusting relationships within our Association.

In situations where it is beneficial for, and agreed by, all participants, PBA will take responsibility for recording the meeting and/or taking official minutes. This ensures that important information is captured and can be shared appropriately with members who are unable to attend, while still maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of our discussions.

This means that applications such as Otter.ai will be refused entry by the facilitator or removed from the meeting.

You may also be interested in PBA’s Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain positive and respectful meeting environments.