Sometimes partnership brokers find themselves feeling stuck in a collaborative process, navigating a particularly challenging context, or carrying the brunt of the partnership work by themselves. They are looking for effective support and resources to get unstuck and to develop their partnering skills.

The PBA 1-2-1 Professional Support Service offers just that. A highly experienced practice partner to accompany you during a period of professional growth and partnership development. Whether you are an individual or a small partnering team.

Take a look at our list of PBA Practice Partners below and start creating your personal development space by filling in the online request form.

How can we work together?

Professional support is offered by a Practice Partner who will work with you 1-2-1. All practice partners are PBA accredited partnership brokers and experienced in both, partnership brokering and capacity strengthening. You will be able to select one of our practice partners who you feel will best be able to:

  • Be a ‘sounding board’ in responding to your specific concerns
  • Assist you to apply PBA frameworks and approaches to your partnership challenges
  • Support you in exploring partner interactions and rehearsing possible interventions
  • Encourage you to deepen either the ‘art’ and/or the ‘science’ aspects of your practice (or both)
  • Help you to explore your reflective practice and learning

We currently offer 3 support packages, which give you an idea of how the services could be scoped out with your practice partner based your specific needs.

Up to three focused sessions to navigate a specific partnership brokering challenge. 1)  Download the brochure. See the list of Practice Partners with their bios below.

2) Choose the Practice Partner you’d prefer to work with, plus a second one in case your first is not available.

3) Complete the online request providing your info and collaborative background.

4) Program Manager Marta Serafin ( will contact you to confirm next steps.

Longer term professional development support, for example, one session per month over 10 months, plus sharing resources and tools.
A set number of sessions to be used as and when needed, within a defined time, as agreed between you and your Practice Partner, a retainer-type agreement.
Service fee

We want all partnership brokers to benefit from this service and to make their collaborative work more impactful – regardless of local economic realities. The principles in setting an hourly fee are accessibility and flexibility, meaning the fee will be based on local market, sector and partnering context.

An example: A partnership broker who is working independently or for a local not-for-profit organisation in an emerging-economy country in Africa, Asia or South America will likely have less resources available to invest in their professional development compared to a partnership broker who is working for a large international NGO or an inter-governmental organisation, or someone who is based in an advanced-economy country in Europe, Australia or North America.

The service fee will cover the hourly rate of your practice partner for the joint sessions and for preparation, e.g. research, and a contribution to PBA for managing the program.

Meet our practice partners

Professional support is offered by PBA Accredited Partnership Brokers (APBs) who each have a combination of experience in both partnership brokering and capacity-strengthening through vocational training, coaching or mentoring. Click on the photo to read their short bio.

Based in: New Zealand
Speaks: English

Based in: India
Speaks: Bengali, English, Hindi

Based in: Canada
Speaks: English, French, Korean

Based in: UK & US
Speaks: English, Spanish

Based in: UK
Speaks: English, French, German, Italian

Based in: Australia
Speaks: English

Based in: Australia
Speaks: English

Based in: Nepal
Speaks: English, Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Tagalog, Thai

Based in: Poland
Speaks: English, Polish

Based in: UK
Speaks: English

Based in: New Zealand
Speaks: English

Based in: Australia
Speaks: English, Tok Pisin