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The next issue of Betwixt & Between – the new online journal of partnership brokering – comes out in November, and we have opted for a theme of evaluation.

This is a topic that consistently generates interest and enquiry amongst practitioners, and is one that deserves greater discussion. We have broken the topic down into the following areas:

  • The role of a partnership broker as a monitor in the evaluation of a partnership’s activities in monitoring/tracking activity, contributions & performance; and in estimating the impacts of activities.
  • The role of a partnership broker as an advisor in the evaluation of a partnership, helping partners assess: the efficiency & effectiveness of the partnership’s management /decision-making processes; the impact, outputs, outcomes of the partnership; the value of the partnerships’ activities to the partners.
  • The partnership broker as a subject in the evaluation of the brokering approach, assessing how his/her performance, skills, competencies and attributes have contributed to the partnership’s effectiveness. Such evaluation also provides useful information of the outcomes of brokered and not-brokered partnerships.
  • The role of a partnership broker as a change agent  in the evaluation of the partnership paradigm, assessing the impact of a broker on policy and systems; and comparing partnerships to other options for delivering development and sustainability challenges

Download the details here

We are looking for articles from practitioners in all these areas – be it frontline experience or conceptual frameworks.

If you are interested in contributing to the journal we invite your abstract by 1st August 2013. If you would like to contact the editor to discuss your piece, please email Herman ( or Surinder (


If you would like to submit a paper on a different topic – Issue 3 is an open issue for any subject. Please contact us for abstract dates (

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