Webinar: Brokering Through a Social Innovation Lens: Intersections, Conversations & Emerging Opportunities


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Thursday, March 21st from 12h00 to 13h00 EST (1hour)

Partnership Brokers Network Canada is pleased to announce that Tim Draimin of the Social Innovation Generation has agreed to lead a short discussion, followed by questions and comments. Tim will explain how he sees the broader brokering landscape from a social innovation perspective. Where do innovation and brokering processes intersect, support each other, and provide catalyzing potential? What are linkages to the role of the partnership broker? What are some Canadian examples of this intersection?

Due to the special nature of this webinar, we have decided to invite both PBN members and non-members who are interested in partnership brokering or actively engaged in the development of collaborations and/or partnerships. We encourage everyone to distribute this message to friends and colleagues who may wish to join us.

Tim is the Executive Director of the Social Innovation Generation (SiG). He supports SiG’s growing network of academics, practitioners, social entrepreneurs, allied institutions and partnerships in expanding Canada’s Social Innovation ecosystem. Tim is also the author of Canada’s first national study of social entrepreneurship and a frequent advisor to government, non-profit associations and business. For more information on Tim or his thoughts on social innovation, please visit the SiG site.

A brief introduction will raise key issues and pose some challenging questions – we welcome an active discussion and the opportunity to share a variety of perspectives on this topic. The instructions for connecting on the day of the webinar can be found at the end of this message. You can either log-in via the website for dial-in by phone using WEBEX.

About PBN Canada:

For those new to us, the Partnership Brokers Network (PBN) – Canada provides a forum where we can actively engage in discussions involving the brokering and support of multi-sector collaborations and partnerships. There are more than 60 Canadians who have completed various levels of Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) training and we believe there is significant value in us sharing our respective insights and experience. PBN-Canada provides opportunities for us to connect, in the form of email/LinkedIn updates, webinars and in-person events. The network is 100% driven by its members, and there is no charge to join our conversation.

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