PBA promotes high standards in partnership brokering and requires all those who complete our Professional Accreditation Programme and who pass the examination process to sign a set of good practice principles prior to being awarded formal their Accreditation.


Principles of Partnership Brokering Good Practice:

  1. Keeping up to date with new developments in the theory and practice of brokering multi-stakeholder partnerships (including adoption of existing tools/ approaches/ frameworks).
  2. Being reflective and striving for diversity, equity, openness, mutual benefit and courageous practice whilst operating in a partnership brokering role.
  3. Being prepared to challenge partnering assumptions and poor partnering behaviour at any stage of the partnering cycle in ways most likely to bring about constructive change.
  4. Taking every opportunity to build partnering and partnership brokering capacity in others.
  5. Sharing knowledge generously and not holding on to knowledge for personal aggrandizement or gain.
  6. Refraining from promoting a partnering process when aware that an alternative approach is more likely to deliver better outcomes.
  7. Avoiding taking actions as that might involve risk without prior endorsement from those most likely to be impacted.
  8. Being an ethical and responsible practitioner by raising concerns about the partnership or the actions of individual partners.
  9. Acknowledging competence limitations and being open to requesting assistance from others.
  10. Being willing to let go and hand over the partnership brokering role when the time is right.


All partnership brokers – whether formally accredited or not – are strongly advised and encouraged to review their practice against these principles on a regular basis in order to assess where their approach may be deviating from them and / or to consider how they may best be upheld – especially when working under pressure or in challenging contexts.

This encourages reflection and self-critique and provides a level of structure to an individual’s brokering activities. It also helps to set and maintain the highest partnership brokering standards worldwide and to build the credibility of partnership brokering as a paradigm.

The Partnership Brokers Association awards formal professional Accreditation to those that have successfully completed the 4-day Partnership Brokers Training as well as having reached a satisfactory standard (assessed by a formal examination process) in their on-going partnership brokering work at the end of our Advanced Skills: Accreditation programme.

Those that have achieved accreditation are entitled to use the logo reproduced below (assigned to them not to any organisation with which they are affiliated).

PBA_Accredited Broker