Partnership Brokers Training



trainingAs the only course of its kind,

with its unique focus on managing the partnering process / building skills in partnership brokering, our in-person, 4-day Partnership Brokers Training has a growing global reputation. It is available in the form of ‘open’ or ‘commissioned’ cohorts and can also be undertaken as a 10 session online course.

Partnership Brokers Training – Dates, Locations and Registration for 2024

Objectives of the training:
  • Deepen understanding of professional partnership process management (partnership brokering)
  • Introduce partnership brokering concepts and practical tools
  • Build key skills and confidence in this field
  • Explore innovative approaches to problem-solving and transformative interventions
  • Promote a ‘reflective’ approach to professional practice and partnership brokering good practice principles
  • Create new knowledge about partnership brokering and its value in different contexts

“I have enjoyed a number of wonderful professional development opportunities throughout my career, but the Partnership Brokers Training is certainly at the top of that list! I believe the content, expert instruction, and inspiring colleagues form a magical product that is second to none!”

Course graduate (Public health organisation, Canada)

Course outline:

This course combines skills training and professional development and includes:

  • A theoretical framework for partnership brokering and the importance of good brokering in the development of robust, efficient, inclusive and innovative partnerships, consortia & coalitions
  • Partnership brokering skills development in: scoping, resource-mapping, facilitation, interest-based negotiation, relationship-management, reaching agreement and reviewing
  • Exploration of common partnership brokering challenges and how to address them
  • Action planning for individual applications of the lessons from the course

“This course has given my partnership brokering work a ‘soul’. The delivery was precise and to the point. I now have a clear picture of the entire brokering process and how best I can execute my roles. I have renewed confidence and increased skills. It was an excellent experience”

Course graduate (Bi-lateral agency, India)

It is an intensive face-to-face training designed to deepen understanding of the changing nature of the process management role during a partnership cycle and to explore essential partnership brokering skills. It builds knowledge, insight and expertise for those managing the partnering process from the earliest ‘scoping’ stage to the final ‘moving on’ phase, including the delivery of measurable benefits to all parties.

“Partnerships are central to our Partners in Education programme – it was transformational for me when I did the training and with 100+ people having now completed the course, it is beginning to impact the culture of the whole organisation.”
Course graduate (Microsoft)

The course is now available in many locations, some of which are run in association with national or regional organisations. Wherever the course is run, the course content remains the same.

Commissioned Training