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Partnership Brokers Training Programme 2023

To join our mailing list for updates on training dates and locations, or to request a course in your location, email our Training Manager, Nina Vlemmings:

Our commissioned training is popular with organisations needing in-house training for their own staff and partner organisations. We offer the in-person 4 day Partnership Brokers Training, along with an online version which can be taken over 10 sessions or as three separate modules. We can also tailor our short courses to your organisation’s needs. Contact our Training Manager for more information:

It’s now possible to complete Partnership Brokers Training as three separate modules either online or in-person:

Module 1: Foundations
Module 2: Skills in Practice
Module 3: Self & Systems

Our Cancellation Policy

2023 Dates Brochure Application Status
Amsterdam 23 – 26 January Website course completed Register your interest in the next course
Sydney 23-24 & 27-28 February Download course completed Register your interest in the next course
Wellington, NZ – online plus in-person 1,8,15 & 22 March online PLUS 29 – 31 March Download Register your interest in the next course
Melbourne – waitlist 28 – 31 March Download Apply Join our waiting list
Foundations – online four sessions 11 – 21 Apr 2023 Online Apply Open
Canberra 9 – 12 May Download Apply Open
Certificate in Advanced Practice* Calgary (In-person four days + two preliminary online, 3-hour sessions)  

29 May – 1 June
online 16 & 18 May

Download Apply Open
Certificate in Advanced Practice* London (In-person four days + two preliminary online, 2.5 hour sessions) 20 – 23 June
online 8 & 15 June
Download Online Open
Certificate in Advanced Practice* Melbourne (In-person four days + two preliminary online, 2.5 hour sessions) 8 – 11 August
online 27 July & 3 August
Download Online Open
ONLINE: Partnership
Brokers Training
19 September – 19 October Download  Apply Open
Melbourne 9 – 12 October  Download Apply Open
London 7 – 10 November Download Apply Open
Brisbane, Australia November Register your interest
ONLINE: Innovation Partnerships-Masterclass
Tailored Training courses for organisations Register your interest
Canada – various locations TBA Register your interest

* The Certificate in Advanced Practice is generally for those who have already completed a Partnership Brokers Association course.

**Module One (Foundations) must be completed before applying for Modules Two and Three (Skills in Practice + Self & Systems).

PBT Indicative Timetable

PBA is a not-for-profit social business paying its own way. This allows it to be both agile (able to respond to a rapidly changing environment) and  independent (avoiding the uncertainties and constraints that grant funding can involve). The fee charged is spent entirely on the individual candidate’s programme.  PBA is, however, eager not to exclude suitably qualified candidates. If you can make a donation to our bursary fund, you will be helping us to offer a place to those who come from small community-based organisations or who are self-funding and on a low income.  You can register your willingness to do this at the time of application.