Advanced practice courses



We offer two paths for alumni of the Partnership Brokers Training: Advanced Skills for partnership brokering, a 5-day course designed to build further confidence and competence in managing partnership brokering interventions, and the Accreditation programme, a 4-month distance learning course with a mentor focusing on reflective practice. To explore which option would best suit your learning needs please get in touch.


Formal professional accreditation awarded by PBA is leading to a post-nominal of ‘APB’ – Accredited Partnership Broker. After completing a 3-month period of mentored professional practice, candidates submit written evidence of their learning journey, which will be assessed by their mentor and external examiners. Accreditation is a key element in our move towards creating the new profession of ‘partnership broker’, and it’s our cornerstone to set and maintain high standards in this field. For more information please download the flyer or contact usapply now.

“Prior to the training I had been trying to broker a strategic partnership for nearly two years… During my PBA Accreditation, I employed the concepts and tools of partnership brokering … and within weeks the partnership arrangement was formalised.”
Accredited Partnership Broker

Advanced Skills in partnership brokering

This 5-day course takes Partnership Brokers Training to the next level. It is designed to build further confidence and competence in managing a range of partnership brokering interventions to promote really effective and potentially transformational partnering. Such interventions can include:

  • Building deeper understanding between partners
  • Helping partners address their partnering anxieties
  • Facilitating open (sometimes difficult) conversations
  • Strengthening individual and organisational partnering capacity as well as
  • Taking on more formal coaching, mentoring and / or training roles

Visit our Training Program page to view the list of upcoming Advanced Skills for partnership brokering courses.

All PBA Advanced Practice courses are for graduates of the Partnership Brokers Training. If you’re yet to do this initial training course, please take a look at the trainings available near to you.