Papers by partnership brokers



Are you interested in what partnership brokers do and how they navigate the often complex dynamics of multi-stakeholder collaboration? Browse through this collection of insightful papers – written by alumni of the PBA Accreditation programme – and dive into individual stories of partnership exploration. Each contributing to a colorful, diverse, and ever-growing mosaic of what partnership brokers do to achieve real transformation.


Created by partnership brokers. Presented by PBA.

Art & Science of partnership brokering

Prajwal Shahi – The meditative art of partnership brokering
Kym Burke – The courage to journey into unknowing
Rita Dieleman – Balancing the art and science of partnership brokering
Mariana Merelo Lobo – Deepening awareness in brokering to grow the quality and impact …
Carolyn Waye – Beyond the mirror: An exploration of artistic expression driving deeper self-reflection …
Kate Hayes – More art with less matter: A reflection on intuition as the art of brokering
Catherine Russ – Evolving your collaborative style

Stories from the front line

Yeshe Smith, Marina Carman et al. – Pride in Prevention Partnership Guide
Michael Odumbe & Rafal Serafin – Towards more transformative partnering for combatting poverty in the HECA…
Peni Tawake, Yeshe Smith et al. – Decolonisation and Locally Led Development
Arthi Patel – Collaboration in disaster recovery
Rafal Serafin & Ros Tennyson – Brokering the partnership idea
Yeshe Smith – Agreements that work: Co-creating collaborative agreements
Stuart Lister – Aboriginal partnership scoping and awareness-raising with the Cree Nation of Mistissini…

Partnership brokering tools

Sophie Clayton – Partnering princilpes – making them your own
Michelle Costello – Cultivating your inner place to build stronger partnerships
Kylie Shae – The Power of Questions
Annelies Claessens – Moving beyond transactional and transformational
Bethany Craig – Assessing the effectiveness of partnership brokering
Dana Silver – Grasping for clarity: Defining interorganizational relationships
Kathy Gale – Partnership Brokering and Collective Impact
Ann Condy – An adaptation of the PBAS internal assessment
Trish Hall – Cafe Conversations in the partnership journey: Adapting organizational development tools…
Julie Mundy – Risky Business: Removing barriers to effective partnerships for development…
Greg Butler – Using a value-based leadership framework to enhance partnership brokering
Richard Wecker – Leaning In: A lean canvas for public-private partnerships…

Key issues in brokering partnerships

Solstice Middleby – Mediating the power imbalances of development: A paradox for partnership brokers
Annie Sloman – Re-enforcing or Transforming? How Partnership Brokering should, and can support the decolonization of aid
Cameron Willis – “Possibilities and pitfalls of Pro Bono Partnership Brokering”
Kellie King – “To thine own self be true”
Dawn Baggaley – How partnership brokering is central to creating sustainable change
Samantha Grover – Cultivating equity through applying a gender lens
Dulani Sirisena – 6 lessons for bilateral donors
Takara Morgan – Introducing PB approaches to existing partnerships
Lauren Flaherty – How to make the most of virtual communication
Susanna Mnatsakanova – Why managing trust is critical in a donor-recipient partnership
Andrew Donnelly – On the origin of partnerships: the modern Darwinist guide to brokering
Kate Sullam (nee Bevins) – Making the private sector business case for partnerships
Zoe Nowak – Parenting for local development – clusters as institutionalized partnerships
Maria Bobenrieth – Partnerships: Strong language – vernacular or meaning?
Dorine Bosman – Engaging project managers in a multi-sector partnership: Trends in the extractive …
Rafal Serafin – Five key things I have learned about partnership brokering – over 20 years …

Managing complexity

Donna Leigh Holden – Challenges for international development partnerships in practice
Shahina Bahar – Tactical agency – traversing the grey zone: Navigating complexity

Internal partnership brokers

Lisa Burley – Maintaining the mojo of the internal partnership position
Stuart Kinsella – Exploring the links between partnership brokering and effective leadership
Ally Lankester – Effective partnering in a large organizational culture
Gillian Pearl – The duality of partnership brokering on behalf of the private sector
Mary Frankham – If the shoe fits – managing dual roles and accountabilities …

External partnership brokers

Ian Dixon – Funding approaches for external partnership brokers
Akachukwu Nwankpo – Key challenges of an external broker in the partnership cycle
Parry Agius – Am I a partnership broker, and if I am, how would I describe myself?
Bernie Ward – External brokers and coaching tools: Understanding and equalizing power…