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learning-subPBA is gaining a global reputation

for its original approach to case studies that are based on story-capture and have a focus on the collaboration / partnering process. The aim of all our case study work is to move the knowledge base from anecdote to evidence.

Our experience to date has led to a group of PBA alumni working together to produce a new tool book Learning from Practice. This provides a case study framework for use by partnership brokers involved in case study writing and / or finding imaginative ways to capture the ‘story’ of the partnerships they are involved with.

Published Case Studies include:

The Start Network case study series:

” These 3 case studies have been extremely helpful to actually grasp the evolving dynamic in much greater insightful detail, and saves a lot of time trying to make sense of this important programme of work. They make for fascinating reading – of a fascinating experiment.”

Dealing with Paradox – stories and lessons from the first three years of Consortium-building

This case study tells the story of the consortium (formerly the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies) from its earliest moments through a highly successful period of ‘joined up’ aid followed by a funding crisis and how the group subsequently worked to build (and re-brand) the collaboration into a bold new global venture. Dealing with Paradox

Power & Politics: The Consortium-building Story Continues

This is the second in the series capturing the story of the Start Network. It explores the successes and challenges faced by the Consortium’s members and donors in trying to develop a non-traditional, complex collaborative model. Power & Politics

Realities Behind the Rhetoric: Exploring what it takes to Realise the Vision

The third and most recent case study captures the continuing story from those at the heart of the delivery of Start (the staff team) as well as those on the operational fringes but on the experimental front line (the advisors). It was been written collectively – all PBA did was to try and provide a framework and a connecting narrative to make it accessible and useful to others working to make multi-stakeholder consortia, coalitions or networks effective. Realities Behind The Rhetoric

Other PBA case studies
Collaboration Complexity:  Insights and lessons from the Skills for Negotiation project in Burma / Myanmar

This case study tracks the experience of a partnership process to undertake a project on participation in law making and development planning in Burma / Myanmar. Its focus is the layers of collaboration at strategic, operational and community levels. The content was compiled by 4 partners: Agriteam, Institute for International Development, The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation and the Partnership Brokers Association with PBA being tasked with collating and compiling the final version. Collaboration Complexity

Brokering Local Collaboration

This case study looks at how training local staff in partnership-brokering skills has impacted World Vision’s work in promoting child wellbeing. Some key challenges have also been explored and further lessons have been identified both for World Vision and for the humanitarian / development sector. Brokering Local Collaboration

Good for Business?

This case study explores how a large international company (Microsoft) invested in the training 120 of their staff working on educational partnerships worldwide of partnership-brokering skills. What impact did it have on the company, individuals and partners? Good for Business?