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Partnership Brokers Training Programme 2021

Covid-19 Update:  For the safety of our participants and trainers, and on the basis of advice received, we’ve moved some of our courses to later in 2021.  If you’re enrolled in a course which has been rescheduled, your trainer will be in touch. If you’re on a mailing list, we’ll let you know new dates once these are confirmed.

To join our mailing list for updates on training dates and locations, or to request a course in your location, email our Training Manager, Dianne McLay:

Our commissioned training is popular with organisations needing in-house training for their own staff and partner organisations. We offer the face-to-face 4 day Partnership Brokers Training, along with our 5 week online Brokering Partnerships Remotely course and short courses tailored to your organisation’s needs. Contact our Training Manager for more information:

Our Cancellation Policy

2021 Dates Brochure Application Status
London – postponed Postponed (from 9 – 12 February) Download Register your interest in the next London course
Melbourne 15 – 18 February Moved to June or November – see below
ONLINE Certificate in Brokering  Partnerships Remotely – Europe, Africa, Asia
3 – 31 March
Download Enrol Open
Sydney 27 – 30 April Download Apply Open
Brisbane, Australia 11 – 14 May Download Apply Open
Melbourne 1 – 4 June Download Apply Open
Canberra, Australia 21 – 24 June Download Apply Open
ONLINE Certificate in Brokering  Partnerships Remotely – Oceania and South-East Asia 18 August – 15 September (postponed from 24 Feb – 24 March) Online Enrol Open
Wellington, NZ 2 – 5 November Register your interest
Melbourne 22 – 25 November Download  Enrol Open
Vancouver in 2021 Download   Register your interest
Edmonton in 2021     Register your interest
Ottawa in 2021     Register your interest
Hamilton, Canada in 2021     Register your interest
Calgary in 2021 Download   Register your interest
Amsterdam in 2021     Register your interest
Kathmandu     Register your interest
Bangkok Download   Register your interest
22 – 26 November Download Apply Open
in 2021 Website   Register your interest
Canada –
in 2021 Website   Register your interest

*Advanced Skills in Partnership Brokering is for those who have already completed the 4-day Partnership Brokers Training course.

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