Commissioned Training



We have made our 4-day in-person Partnership Brokers Training available as an internal training course commissioned by organisations for their own staff (sometimes including their partners).  This course can also be taken as a 10 session online course. This course has proved very popular with reports suggesting that the course has impacted the organisations’ partnering culture.

Go to Partnership Brokers Training for more details about the course.

The commissioned version of the Partnership Brokers Training has been delivered to:

  • Partnership teams or units within a single organisation
  • Cross-team staff group (from programme, HR, communications, PR, legal team)
  • Partnership project managers from the organisation and their partners

By training together, it enables the group to consider how they will apply the learning from the course immediately to their partnership approaches and operations. Several organisations develop a more comprehensive programme with PBA including:

  • Starting with a needs analysis / review of partnership practices
  • Compiling a report with recommendations following on from the training
  • Further coaching / mentoring for selected staff / partners
  • A follow up review or case study at a future date

An additional advantage to commissioning the 4-day course is that all those who complete it to a satisfactory standard get awarded a Certificate, join the PBA’s Alumni Network and are eligible to go on to further PBA training, including accreditation.

Organisations that have commissioned our 4-day Partnership Brokers Training include:

  • Addax (Nigeria)
  • Albertson Foundation (USA)
  • AMNEP / DFAT (Vietnam)
  • AusAid / DFAT (Australia, Fiji, Vietnam, Bangladesh)
  • BRAC (Bangladesh)
  • DEEWR (Australia)
  • Care International
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Communities for Children (Australia)
  • Prime Minister & Cabinet (Australia)
  • State Libraries Victoria (Australia)
  • Enterprise Connect (Australia)
  • GIZ / Nabard Bank (India)
  • IICD (Netherlands)
  • ICIMOD (Nepal)
  • Imani Development (Zambia)
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation (UK)
  • Microsoft (Egypt, UAE, Malta, Poland, Romania, Singapore, USA)
  • Newfoundland Government (Canada)
  • Oxfam International
  • Plan International (Australia)
  • Tullow Oil (Ghana, Uganda)
  • University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • United Nations Volunteers (Germany)
  • Save the Children (UK)
  • World Vision (Australia, Malaysia, sub-Saharan Africa)

Microsoft (Global)
“Partnerships are central to our Partners in Education programme – it was transformational for me when I did the training and with 100+ people having completed the course, it is now beginning to impact the culture of the whole organisation.”

Rural Secretariat, Newfoundland & Labrador (Canada)
“My whole team has completed this training – our partnerships are much stronger as a result but, more than that, we work much better as a team and we are seen as role models by others in the government sector.”

GIZ (India):
“We invested in this training at the start of a major partnership with Nabard Bank – it was invaluable to have 12 people from each organisation go through the course together – it gave us a common language and approach”

Alternatively, we also offer tailored shorter courses that provide an introduction to partnership process management / partnership brokering (from 0.5-3 days duration). In these cases, we work closely with the commissioning organisation to create a course that is specific to their needs.

Organisations that have commissioned tailored training courses with a focus on partnership brokering

  • Accenture Development Partnerships (UK & USA)
  • Action Against Hunger– MEL (global team)
  • Action Aid / DEPP (UK)
  • Aids Alliance (UK)
  • Amrobank (Netherlands)
  • Biblioteca Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Care Canada
  • Coops Europe (Bulgaria)
  • ICVA (Geneva)
  • Libraries Association (Australia)
  • NCDO (Netherlands)
  • NGO workshops (India)
  • Oxfam (UK)
  • Save the Children (UK)

ICIMOD (Nepal)
“We now understand the systematic process of partnership management and the various roles we play as partnership brokers. This will help us significantly in the way we engage with our many different types of collaboration in our eight participating countries”

“We had high expectations – and the PBA tailored course exceeded them!”

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