Our Approach



Entry points

We respond to approaches from many different directions including:

  • Key individuals leading change or brokering partnerships (at any level)
  • Organisations seeking to embed partnering values in their culture and systems
  • Partnerships / Alliances / Consortia / Networks looking to strengthen their collaboration
  • Sectors (ie business, NGO, government, community, academia) engaging with new partners
  • Location / region / specific contexts where partnering is seen as the mechanism most likely to be effective in tackling key issues
  • Thematic focused partnerships (ie health, culture, disasters, education)
  • New topic / issue / initiative where a gap in what exists has been identified and needs a collaborative approach to be addressed

Our Approach












Our starting point

PBA Associates have developed skills at undertaking exploratory conversations by:

  • Listening, framing good questions that help to clarify what is needed and to checkout preconceptions
  • Explaining and exploring the suitability of PBA’s approach and helping to challenge assumptions, co-create solutions and work for transformation / breakthrough
  • Taking time to reflect on, and grow, a working relationship that may have many dimensions and opportunities

Financial basis of our work

  • As a non-profit organisation, we charge what we do at cost.
  • Where we charge IP and / or management fees we make these explicit and separate them from Provider’s fees / day rates.
  • What PBA charges for fees is what is paid to the Associate.
  • We strive to capture and acknowledge the non-financial contributions (time, knowledge, contacts etc.) made to the programme of work – we believe this is fundamental to good collaborative practice and therefore we should do our best to model it.
  • In the situation where we complete any programme of work with any surplus we transfer this at the end of each year to our Opportunities Fund (enabling us to offer training bursaries to those who cannot afford the costs or as seed funding for new ideas or initiatives).