Whom have we worked with?



In addition to our well-established training work (Brokering Better Partnerships; Commissioned Training; and Partnership Brokers Training) PBA is increasingly asked to provide other kinds of partnership brokering support. All the projects outlined below started as conversations about what was needed and were developed over time as needs changed and new ideas emerged:

Type of intervention Those we have worked with

Strategic Advice for decision-makers in all sectors on how to embed partnering practices within their organisation and providing ideas for changing systems and partnering practices

  • C-DAC Network (UK and SE Asia)
  • DFAT (Australian bi-lateral agency)
  • DFID – DEPP (UK bi-lateral agency)
  • Global Fund for Community Foundations (South Africa)
  • Promoting Effective Partnering (co-created on-line facility – Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • PPP Lab (Netherlands)
  • Sida (Swedish bi-lateral agency)
  • Start Network (UK)
  • Tullow Oil (Ghana & Uganda)


Partnership reviews where partners co-create the approach and where the focus is on the partnership’s efficiency, effectiveness and added value

  • BRAC (Bangladesh)
  • Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy (USA)
  • Oxfam (Jamaica)
  • Oxfam Novib (Netherlands)
  • Sight & Life (Africa)
Strategic workshops and facilitated events tailored to the specific needs of the commissioning entity – generally one-off activities triggering a range of further interventions as needs become clearer
  • Action Against Hunger – Case study workshop
  • Action Against Hunger (Philippines)
  • Africa Development Bank
  • BBC (UK)
  • Biblioteca Alexandria (Egypt)
  • British Red Cross (UK)
  • Conciliation Resources – international partners (UK)
  • Department of Communities (Australia)
  • GNDR (Malaysia)
  • MARRS Innovation (Canada)
  • World Vision (Africa, UK, USA)
  • Aids Alliance (UK)
  • Alberta Government (Canada)
  • Start Network board meetings (UK)
  • Start Network team building (UK, SE Asia)
  • CDAC Network (UK & Bangladesh)
  • ICIMOD (Nepal and region)
  • OXFAM – senior management team (UK)
  • PAX for Peace (Netherlands)
  • Planning Commission (India)
  • ICVA (Turkey)
  • Trust Consultancy (Syria / Turkey)
  • Royal College of General Practitioners (UK)
  • UNHCR (Copenhagen & Geneva)


 Action research & case studies  these are listed in detail elsewhere:

Case Studies

Recent and current research

  • Start Network Case Study Series
  • Partnering Complexity (a project in Myanmar)
  • Partnering in Oxfam West Africa
  • Current Status of Remote Partnering
  • Shifting the Power: How can Partnering Help?
  • Power Shifts When Power is Shared: The Changing Role of Donors in Development

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching for practitioners in partnership brokering roles. Mentoring arrangements for individuals in senior / strategic partnership brokering roles

  • Communities for Children (Australia)
  • ICIMOD (Nepal & region)
  • Start Network (UK team & SE Asia)
  • Individuals working in challenging contexts across the globe