Shakespeare and partnership brokering


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“To thine own self be true” – With a quote from William Shakespeare this months Story from Practice invites readers to build self-awareness of their impact on others in partnership situations.

Australia-based partnership broker KELLIE KING tackles the topic of “the multiple self” and explores the concepts of compartmentalising and integration.

Kellie shares how her own life circumstances and gender pushed her towards compartmentalisation and she examines how this impacts her collaborative practice, analysing its disadvantages as well as potential.

“Being authentic is increasingly considered a valuable and sought-after characteristic. Considering how and why we construct compartments for different aspects of our lives can be a powerful way to deepen our personal understanding of ourselves and foster authenticity. Set in a regional Australian community at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, this paper shares the author’s personal journey to better understand her own constructs of self and provides reflections on her experience of challenging the status quo. In doing so, she challenges the reader to reflect on themselves and how they might use this thinking to enhance their practice.”

Download Kellie King’s paper and connect with her and other brilliant partnership brokers via PBA LinkedIn.

You can also hear from Kellie and her accreditation experience in this short video clip.

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