Why is PBA offering these Services and Projects?

It is a response to the kinds of enquiries and questions we receive combined with our desire to grow our own knowledge about collaboration processes. We see our support work as being entirely mission-driven and we always check that the proposed area of work fits with our vision and remit.

What is the purpose of this offer?

To help individuals, organisations, partnerships, consortia and coalitions to:

  • Extend their partnership brokering understanding and skills through tailored training, mentoring and coaching for senior managers, brokers, teams and units working in the partnering paradigm
  • Build evidence of the impact of partnership brokering through commissioned research, partnership reviews and partnership process case studies
  • Use high-level partnership brokering skills and approaches to support complex collaborations, partnership change strategies and to help make the case for greater investment in partnership process management.

Who will deliver the services and projects?

The services will be delivered by accredited and approved PBA Associates who have undertaken partnership brokering in a wide range of contexts, sectors and cultures and who bring a rich mix of partnership brokering skills, expertise and experience to the task. For larger / more complex projects we work in pairs or teams in the belief that diversity of experience, background and skills can add significant value.

How many approved Associates do you have worldwide?

We currently have 40 fully approved Associates with a pipeline of a further 20 together with access to a much larger number of accredited partnership brokers, with relevant experience and / or local knowledge, who are invited to join PBA teams or projects as additional resource people when needed.

Where can I find more information about them?

We have profiles of approved Associates (emphasising their partnership brokering experiences and their particular areas of interest and expertise) that are available to those requesting services to review prior to making their decision.

Does PBA have experience in delivering the Support Services?

See examples of work completed and commissioned training for details of some of those we have worked with from all sectors (NGO, government, business and international agencies) to date.

How does PBA differentiate itself from other entities offering similar services?

Our distinctiveness lies in the fact that we are specialists in partnership brokering and collaboration processes. Our supporting services are leading edge and focused on enquiry and exploration. We aim to be ‘complementary’ not ‘competitive’ in how we position this work since this is far more in line with our values of collaboration.

What happens if PBA does not have the expertise to deliver what is required?

PBA would not take on any work that does not fall within its remit and focus on partnership brokering and will use early conversations to tease out whether the proposed work is, or is not, appropriate for PBA. We are always very willing to signpost to others – whether individuals or entities – wherever we feel what is needed can be better undertaken by them.

Who should I contact if I need further information or would like to discuss PBA’s supporting services in more detail?

Contact us to discuss what would suit your needs best: