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is critical to maintaining standards in any profession – and we believe that partnership brokering is no exception. Our Accreditation Programme is designed to set an international benchmark for those operating in partnership process management / partnership brokering roles.

“I have learned a lot about leadership and brokering during the Accreditation process. I have been required to push far ahead of the partners in exploring and creating opportunities that they cannot yet see as individuals or as organisations. This has involved quite a lot of personal risk in that I needed to be visibly seeking, questioning and learning from mistakes. It feels as if, more than anything else, I have needed courage.”
Accredited Partnership Broker

What does accreditation involve?

Those who complete the 4-day Partnership Brokers Training successfully are eligible to apply for the PBA Accreditation Programme. The course is designed to:

  • Help individuals, organisations and partnership arrangements become more ‘fit for purpose’ so that partnering will be more efficient, innovative and impacting.
  • Apply the methodologies, tools and skills they acquired in Partnership Brokers Training with a period of mentored support.
  • Reflect on their strategies and the outcomes of their brokering interventions to become more self-aware and more competent in the many different aspects involved in being a partnership broker.


Programme structure

Timescale Content
Month 1

Online introductory module that encourages candidates to explore the value of reflective practice, prepare an ambitious yet realistic action plan, and explore potential brokering opportunities to enable them to try new things.

Months 2-4 3-month period of professional practice, where participants record their strategies, activities, outcomes and lessons in a log book, supported by feedback and questions from their mentor.
Month 4 Submission of the log book and a final paper. Examination of submitted work by mentor and external examiner.
Within 3 months of submission Award of accreditation to those whose work reaches the required standard.

“Planning, meeting, reflecting, brokering, more reflecting, writing my logbook has all now become a routine. Having an external mentor was a unique experience that I have enjoyed. I have definitely matured as a professional as a result of the interaction”
Accredited Partnership Broker


If you have completed the 4-day Partnership Brokers Training and would like to apply for the Accreditation Programme, please download the brochure and apply online.


Other professional development opportunities

In addition to the Accreditation Programme, we also offer the Advanced Skills Course, a 5-day taught course designed to build further confidence and competence in managing a range of partnership brokering interventions. More about the course, upcoming training dates and how to apply on our Advanced Practice page or download the info brochure.


Accreditation team

Advanced Practice Courses Manager – Dolores Puxbaumer. Contact us at