supportingAs the idea of partnership brokering begins to take greater hold

with decision-makers, donors and practitioners, demand for specialist partnership brokering services grows. As thought leaders in this field, we respond to all requests for partnership brokering support and services in a spirit of exploration and enquiry.

What we offer

To date, our team of international Associates has been able to respond to requests in all the areas summarised below:

PBA's Supporting Services


Our examples of work completed and our track record for delivering commissioned training speak for themselves. We are always curious and welcome discussions about what might be useful and how we can help. We welcome enquiries – if we do not feel we can meet specific needs we will signpost you to others who can.

Our approach

We provide support to, and co-create new initiatives with, partnerships, consortia, coalitions and multi-stakeholder networks by:

  • Responding thoughtfully to requests to ensure that we bring genuine added value and that the proposed area of work fits with our partnership brokering vision and remit
  • Co-creating programmes of work, often as part of a wider collaboration agreement that runs over time – to maximise learning, benefits and value for both parties
  • Sharing our unique frameworks, tools and materials suitably tailored to specific needs and contexts
  • Reviewing our interventions and disseminating our learning to help build a worldwide movement for more effective multi-stakeholder collaboration

PBA Approved Associates

Our network of international Associates, who are all PBA Accredited, bring a wide range of partnership brokering experiences in different contexts, sectors and cultures. They have all signed up to the PBA’s Partnership Brokering Good Practice Principles.

Listed below is the rich mix of partnership brokering skills, expertise and experience available including:

Learning Training Transforming
About partnership brokering and its impact In partnership brokering understanding & skills Using high level partnership brokering skills and approaches
• Peer review • Needs assessment • Advocacy
• Understanding sector-specific drivers
• Training design • Facilitation
• Case study writing • Training delivery • Problem solving
• Story capture • Course management • Process consultation
• Review & evaluation • Coaching & mentoring • Public speaking
• Research design • Training review • Change strategy formulation
• Action research • Training trainers • Partnership governance
• Workshops / seminars

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